Academic Evaluation


With more than 5000 students, and with more than 150 colleges and 75 plus universities, the higher education space in India is not only widespread but also highly differentiated. Since there are no widely accepted systems, parameters or criteria in the country to judge an aspirant's professional potential, assessment areas and processes vary significantly from institution to institution. A candidate's worth is mostly judged by the reputation of the institution that he or she has attended, leading to wrong selections and subsequent rejections. With the growing focus on higher education and the need to attain and sustain a Gross Enrolment Ratio of 15% in this sector, it has become a challenge to come up with a nationally applicable and objective method of talent assessment.





Why Testing

Tests measure a personal acumen, provide a comparative analysis, and predict the existing strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. To be branded as the best, to receive promotion or move into a dream job or a dream institutions requires a person to qualify superlatively in the assigned tests. Hence, tests have become an indispensible measure for assessing a candidate's ability and capabilities.

The above factors seemed to lay the foundation for our organization and as we began to delve into the fundamentals of the testing mechanism and analyze the existing testing services prevalent in India, we became more convinced of our initial thought process. We had to reform and make testing universal in appeal and standardized in practice.

Testing Services Activities

The job of testing encompasses manifold activities. We like to address all the activities related to test-taking and offer a complete solution.

The organization believes that a test is only as good as the process by which it is created. The processes for designing, developing and administering tests are checked and re-checked to ensure smooth execution at all levels. Working closely with clients at every step of the assessment process (from conception , administration, scoring and test reporting) is imperative for ensuring all-round efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The tests are generally conducted in a proctored environment to ensure fairness and credibility. The online support enables the organization to reach out to large audience and the offline tests can also be administered in over 65+ locations across the country.

The organization has the capability to roll out battery of test in many locations across the country. All the gamut of activities required for conducting and administering tests are managed solely by the organization.

The customized tests offered can be categorized under two broad heads: Standardized tests catering to school and colleges and pre-employment tests catering to corporate.